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Paradox is a 2D shoot them up in which you cannot shoot. You have to teleport your ship to avoid enemies.

I hate shmupz because they are excessively hard to me. You have to shoot hundreds of enemies, avoid them, use your special powers because sometimes there are too many on the screen… So I decided to make a shmup that I would love to play. A shoot them up in which you cannot shoot.

This is an early prototype I made in few days for Fuck this Jam but I’m going to work on it the next few weeks. If you want to follow the development, feel free to join my Twitter and I will regularly update my blog too.

For now, you can move your ship and if the bar on the screen is full, it does nothing (yea, cool huh? ). Try to survive as long as you can!


Mouse (click where you want to teleport)